Skin Wardrobing at Dior Beauty

Last Sept. 29 Tuesday, I hosted a private event at Dior called Skin Wardrobing.  Taking off from last May's highly succesful Face Wardrobing, Skin Wardrobing is aimed mainly on the way we "dress" our skin with the right products in order to achieve the perfect canvas we desire.   

In the house of Dior,  Fashion and Beauty are inseperable.  Similar to couture Skincare and Make Up also require a certain savoire-faire on "dressing your face" with its own wardrobe.  Getting the perfect canvas of beautiful skin is the corner stone of every make up look; and being able to get that right is what skin wardrobing is all about.

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Dior X Cristina Madara CFaceWardrobe

Dior Presents Cristina Madara and the Face Wardrobe

Last May 12, 2015, I had the amazing opportunity to share the Face Wardrobe in collaboration with Dior.  I have worked closely with the brand as a creative consultant since 2013 but this event truly marked the work and collaboration which working closely with the brand has produced.

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