TEA for Teens. Beauty & Image for young Women

Last March 28, 2015 I had the wonderful opportunity to share my beauty and image expertise to a younger audience than I usually cater to.  I was invited by Michelle Aventajado of to give an image and beauty workshop to young women or teens.  Athough this may have been the first time I have conducted  a workshop of the like, it has been a long time coming.  Since the beginning of my private image and beauty workshops, mom's have already frequently asked me if I could give a workshop to their young teens or daughters.   

Given the environement young women are growing up in today (with the main channel of social media), mom's are increasingly concerned that they are not being given the right and sufficient values or messages when it comes to the proper approach to image and beauty.  Young women are maturing at a much faster rate and are beginning to dable into cosmtetics and experimenting with different looks at an earlier age.  These factors are what inspired Michelle to bring about T.E.A. for Teens (Thoughtful Empoweirng Inspiring Teens) an afternoon filled with activites to form well-rounded young women.  

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Curated Beauty by CM

Welcome to Curated Beauty by CM 

At the heart of my beauty philosophy and mission as am image consultant are products that are the tools that help us achieve different looks to fit our needs and lifestyles.  Products and tools are one of the three foundations in being able to successfully achieve any given look (whether natural or glam.)  So much of what I do as an image consultant, is to educate women on how to use tools and the proper products to use for their specific needs. 

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