Skin Wardrobing at Dior Beauty

Last Sept. 29 Tuesday, I hosted a private event at Dior called Skin Wardrobing.  Taking off from last May's highly succesful Face Wardrobing, Skin Wardrobing is aimed mainly on the way we "dress" our skin with the right products in order to achieve the perfect canvas we desire.   

In the house of Dior,  Fashion and Beauty are inseperable.  Similar to couture Skincare and Make Up also require a certain savoire-faire on "dressing your face" with its own wardrobe.  Getting the perfect canvas of beautiful skin is the corner stone of every make up look; and being able to get that right is what skin wardrobing is all about.

In order to truly perfect the skin canvas for any make up look two factors come into play.  First, knowing your skin (type).   This allows for one to properly choose the appropriate products to build your skin regimen.  And second, knowing what finish you want or the kind of performance you need from your complexion products.

Consultation from an expert is key when creating the proper skin wardrobe.  There is first and foremost the daunting task of defining the skin type your skin falls under.  Are you dry and sesnsitized skin with specific and special needs, are you combination skin which may veer drier or more oily depending on the time of year or are you absolutely blessed with normal skin?  There are many descriptions of each skin type category and at the heart of truly understanding which your skin falls into, is observing and truly paying attention to your skin; how it is in different environments or weather, and how it reacts to different products.  Many times men and women mis diagnose the kind of skin type they have beacuse they don't really pay attention to it.  Frequently, I have seen that using the wrong products causes certain types to change over a period of time.  For example, a woman with combination skin using extreme chemical exfoliators in the guise of a toner on a daily basis causes her skin to turn dry and sensitized.  This is very common hence the greater importance on getting your skin type right.  Once you have accomplished in defining your particular skin type, your skin's needs are easliy addressed with the wide range of Dior Skincare lines that cater to all the varying skin types and needs. 

When  the skin has been diagnosed properly half the battle is won, since science in skincare has now identified the different formulas for the different skin types.  It is not time to create or build a skincare regimen.  A healthy regimen consists of these basics: (1) a cleanser, (2) serum, (3) Day Care, (4) eye Care and (5) specific care.   Each Dior skincare product line has a product for every part of a regimen and for each skin type.

(1) Dior Hydra Life is Pro- Youth Hydration;  (2) Dior Capture Totale is Global Age-Defying; (3)Dior Prestige is Exceptional Complete Skincare; (4)Dior Prestige White is Exceptional Brightening and Age Defying; and last but definitely not the least (5) Dior L'or De Vie is the Skincare Masterpiece.

These are the different skincare lines that cater to different skincare types and needs.

More specialized skincare lines are also available for more specific concerns: (1) Diorsnow is a Brightening line; (2) Dior Capture XP is Wrinkle Correction; and (3)Dior Capture Lift is Lifting and Reshaping.

In creating a skincare regimen, it is not necessary that one just utilizes products from one line.  It is more a matter of customizing the products in your regimen according to your needs.  This is where a specialist or consultant as myself steps in.  After initial consultation and properly diagnosing the skin, we build a product line catered specifically for a client.



The next step after building your skincare regimen is creating the flawless canvas through makeup.  Just like skincare- a wide array of complexion products are created for the different skin needs and the different finishes desired.   The first step in finding the perfect complexion product is identifying what our clients' needs and desired finishes are.  There are sheer to full covergae base or complexion products, as well as lightweight to more heavy longwear products.  These two factors allow us to recommend the appropriate base or complexion products to our clients.  

At Dior there are a myriad of complexion base products that run the gammot for evey need and finish. Here are a few of my favorite base products: Dior Skin Nude Air Serum Foundation, Dior Capture Total Dream Skin and Dior Skin Star Foundation.  Each of these products I use thoroughly and have in high rotation in my collection for both personal and professional use.

Once the base product of choice is identified, shade matching is the next task on hand.  Dior has a special Foundation shade anayzer , a special user-friendly tool which allows the user to find her perfect shade match even at the absence of natural light- truly revolutionary!  Beauty consultants at the store are also trianed to help clients find their perfect Dior shade match.  This is almost the end of our skin wardrobe.  After foundation, for women who desire more flawless skin or have the need for a little more covergae for some skin concerns, there is an array of concealers to choose from as well.  I am in love with all four Dior concealer offerings for the wide array of options they offer- lightweight, full covergae, brightening and touching up. There is Dior Nude concealer, Dior Skin Flash, Dior Skin Star and the latest release Dior Fix it. 

A few of our happy VIP guests: Nicole Whisenhunt, Maureen Disini and Pepper Guanio.  It was a lovely afternoon of beauty after which the Ladies naturally progressed beyond skin and into color.  

Till the next Beauty event! Your Image and Beauty Expert- Cristina

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