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Dior Presents Cristina Madara and the Face Wardrobe

Last May 12, 2015, I had the amazing opportunity to share the Face Wardrobe in collaboration with Dior.  I have worked closely with the brand as a creative consultant since 2013 but this event truly marked the work and collaboration which working closely with the brand has produced.

On a hot and otherwise intolerable summer afternoon in Manila, we gathered the country’s most discerning beauty editors, style-makers and lifestyle influencers to present to them the “Face Wardrobe” , simply put how to “Dress your Face.”


In the House of Dior, Fashion and Beauty are inseparably linked: couture fashion shows in Dior involve backstage makeup, and the two weave seamlessly together. It is in this light that Beauty, like Fashion, requires a certain savoir faire on how to properly “dress your face” with its own wardrobe. Properly selecting the right beauty products is essential in crafting a complete and cohesive look.

The focus of the Face Wardrobe is to show women a new and personal approach to beauty.  Similar to creating a wardrobe for your body, it must be suitbale for your individual shape and style.  Beauty is not a one-size-fits-all and neither should ones regimen or beauty products be.  It is about learning how to utilize the right products which address your needs and your skin.

As an image consultant, there are two things I have had great access to: first, access to a great array of products and second, a true understanding of women’s image or beauty needs.  And one thing has consistently stood out, instead of beauty being a fun and inspiring ideal to strive for it has become increasingly overwhelming for most women.  There seems to be a big disconnect with regards to the ideal of it and how to make it achievable and applicable to our daily regimens and lifestyles.  The simple answer is the Face Wardrobe, if no two bodies are alike so does that go for the face.  Each person is made with different features, different skin types, embody different beauty ideals and lifestyles.  Beauty will never be a one size fits all kind of deal.


L.-R.- Jackie Go, Shari Macanaig (themistymom), Yuki Tansengco (stylecat) and Cat Arambulo-Antonio

Similar to dressing for different body types, dressing your face has three main considerations: first, ones ideal image  (how they feel they would like to embody their personal version of beauty), second, their different concerns & needs (considering their lifestyle) and finally the kind of skin they have.  Products are created in mutliple ways and with multiple ingredients some work better for others and each one delivers a different kind of finish or effect and with the magnitude of new products that are released on an almost weekly basis it can get quite overwhelming especially for those that are already challenged.

Dior as a premium beauty brand provides the most ideal array of products to create different face wardrobes for different women.  The brand offers the widest selection of quality skincare that address all skin types and skin concerns.  They also offer color or makeup products which fuse skincare and quality ingredients with color in differenct textrues, consistnecies and finishes to suit different looks.


L.-R. Rosy Glow Blush, Lip Glow, Dior Dream Skin, One Essential, Rouge Brilliant Gloss, Skin NUde Air , Pressed Powder, Lash Maximizer, Lip Maximizer, Skinflash Radiant Pen and Universal Brow.


The TOP 10 Dior Face Wardrobe Products


Here are my top ten Dior product picks that not only withstand the test of time but are true foundations for any face wardrobe.  Most of these products are meant to be layered or to enhance other products you use in cojuction with them. They boost skincare benefits and maximize product performance.  Most Dior products are a harmoniuos blend of color and skincare.  They not only make you look good, they actually do your skin good.

1. Rosy Glow Blush is a one shade blush which reacts to your skin and the humidity in the enviroenment to self-adjust into the most flattering pink for your personal skintone.

2. Lip Glow is a self- adjusting lip balm which reacts to the ph balance of your lips to create the perfect shade of pink.

3. Dior Dream Skin (where to begin) 90% if not all of  my #cmicfacewardrobe posts  includes this product.  It is a one-step skincare and makeup primer in one.  It is from Dior’s Capture Total Line and as so has global anti-aging benefite while createing an even toned and primed skin for makeup.

4. One Essential.  This is the pillar serum from Dior.  It is the one that comes in the iconinc and only red bottle from Dior.  It is a very potent anit-aging serum that is made to work with other skincare boosting its efficacy by four times! It is a pre-moisturizer ot treatement step.

5.  Rouge Brilliant Gloss.  The latest lip product release from the brand is perfect for layering for a face wardrobe or for wearing on its own. With the triple oil blend it is amazing for nourishing and moistuirizing the lip.  The stand out characracteristic of this product is the true-to-tube pigmentation that it has (no longer as sheer as its predecessors)  it is more pigmented yet still elegant.555958a20a7c0261


6. Dior Skin Nude Serum Foundation & Powder.  The latest in complexion innovation from Dior the line is infused with  oxygen complex to create the most natural and lightweight complexion.  It is amazing in creating a flawless base with great longevity even in humid conditions.

7. Lash Maximizer is the pioneer of all lash primers & lengthening lash treatments.  It is a soy-based formula which boosts the performance of mascara layered on the lashes and can be used at nighttime as well as a lash treatment to lengthen lashes.

8. Lip Maximizer is a collagen universal plumping gloss which originally came in one color 001.  It now comes in a slightly peachier tone as well 002.  It is beautiful worn on its own , layered on a lipstick, filling in a lined lip or creating dimension by adding a touch in the center of your lip.  Still creates the most luscious and beautiful lush lip.

9. Skin Flash Radiant Pen is a skin brightener best used under the eyes or on the high cheekbone, brow bone and other areas of the complexion you would like to highlight.  It amy also be used as a base to prime lids for eyeshadow application.

10. Universal Brow is the ultimate brow product for women who are on the go or travel frequently.  It comes in a universal shade of grayish brown which  somehow manages to suit all brow shades to a “T” .  It is never to heavy or too much.  It comes with a spoolie as well on the other end.  It is amazing! and I truly truly think it is one of the holy grail products for fuzz-free polished brows.

These products are the 10 I contantly replenish, repurchase and recommend to clients.  They are mostly universal and multi-purpose.  You are able to maximise the product in multiple ways making it luxury but with value for money.



L.-R. Alexandra Rocha-Araneta. Celine Gabriel-Lim, Yuki Tnasengco, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, Jenny Ysareugi and Nicole Whisenhunt.

The afternoon was a successful event that allowed us to share and educate women on achieveing real beauty.  Dior’s products tremendously support various arrays of facewardrobes by offering skincare products for all skintypes and color products with different purposes and finishes for all the different lifestyles we may have.

The joy came at the end of the demonstration, when we had multiple groups of women stay (for a substantial amount of time);  trying, testing and experimenting with products which is the first step towards creating a personal face wardrobe.  This is what we had hoped for from the very beginning women discovering products and their different purposes in order to serve their differing needs because no two faces are alike or two lifestyles are absolutely the same.  Beauty is personal and so must the products in your face wardrobe be.






L.-R. Dara David-Roa , Cristina Madara, Lenard Tiongson

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