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A very special face wardrobe is what we we have this month.

On the heels of the first Face Wardrobe, I wanted to feature a polished look inspired by a woman whose role as a mother has made her a voice and an inspiration to many. 

Inspired by her role and experiences, she began her blog in 2013.  Since then it has grown into a platform that champions values and advocacies closest to her heart.

Michelle Ressa-Aventajado known by most as the mom behind  “mommainmanila” has been blogging for three years.  In that short amount of time, her blog has truly become a platform to inspire and empower mothers and women alike.  My first encounter with Michelle was one of such in 2015, when she approached me to work with her on an image consulting workshop focusing on Beauty for Young Women, “Tea for Teens” .   Having a teen herself she wanted to do a workshop that helped young women not only learn how to apply make up but learn age appropriate beauty and acquire a healthy approach towards it. 

In May 2015, Michelle founded Mothers Who Brunch which is an initiative that brings mothers together for different activities that foster self and home improvement.

This month as we celebrate mothers, I wanted to show a face wardrobe inspired by Michelle and the many women, whom like her, find it to be a constant challenge looking polished while balancing the different roles they have as a mother, working woman or entrepreneur.



The polished facewardrobe  is natural but defined.  The look is a step above a no-make up look but is minimal in that it merely refines and defines ones natural features.  It is natural in terms of the colors utilized for lips and cheeks and eyes.  And is a step up from the no-make up look because it is a full face, fully groomed brows with a slightly contoured and highlighted complexion. The key elements are a polished complexion , defined eyes and natural lustrous lips.

For this facewardrobe the key products used were the following:

  1. Foundation Dior Skin Star – This medium coverage liquid foundation photographs beautifully in HD but remains natural enough to wear in natural light.   
  2. Anastasia of Beverly Hills Glow Kit– This palette is a beautiful mix of multiple highlighting shades that can be used to highlight and slightly contour the face.  
  3. Viseart Bridal Satin Palette– This versatile eye shadow palette allows you to create a very neutral look but with enough pigment to create the definition. 
  4. Burberry Warm Glow– This is a beautiful bronzer that adds a natural warmth and glow to the complexion. 
  5. Nars Audacious Lipstick in Barbara- This lipstick formula is the perfect balance of moisture and pigment. 
  6. Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip Gloss–  This lipgloss enhances the lips beautifully adding the right amount of plumpness and gloss while keeping the lips moisturized. 
  7. Dior Universal Brow Styler– This product is one of my holy grail products creating very natural yet defined brows without ever going overboard. 


There are numerous product options one can use as an alternative to these that will recreate the same polished face wardrobe.  The key is finding the right products that suit you.  

The finished product of this facewardrobe is pretty and polished, where the make up does not take center stage but is utilized to define ones features and highlight 


Michelle is a Filipina American who made Manila her home to explore her heritage.  She is wife to Nino and mother to Gia, Miguel, Diego and Gellibean.  A teacher by trade, she enjoys returning to the classroom with children of all ages and abilities.  She currently serves as Country Director as well for Best Buddies Philippines  where she aims to bring awareness to individuals with intellectual and developmental disablities.  She is a contributing writer to various publications such as Manila Bulletin and the online news site Rappler.  

With all that she masterfully balances on has on her plate, she was an instant choice and inspiration for our special Mother’s Day polished facewardrobe.

You can read more about her adventures in parenting, cooking, yoga and relationships through her lifestyle blog Momma ‘N Manila.    

This concludes our special facewardrobe  this May.   

But before I go, in celebration of our Mother’s Day Special Facewardrobe feature – I will be giving away a Luxury Beauty Sampler pouch of skincare and make up.  See how to enter here Giveaway Entry

xo, Cristina

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Photo Credit: Aya Cabauatan   IG: @_positivity




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6 responses to “Polished. Face Wardrobe Featuring: Michelle Ressa-Aventajado”

  1. Rocel A. Villasis says:

    I love Michelle and her blog! And I like this feature a lot because I am a fan of the no-make up look (coming from someone who wears little to no make up at all), and here it is stepped up to define her features and highlight an already-pretty face! I like it also that you made a list of the products you used so anyone can recreate it, especially working mothers like me! 🙂

  2. Rhen Estillero says:

    I love the polished face wardrobe. It made her features stand out without using bold colors. I love the shades used because it perfectly complements her skin. This shows that one does not need to put too much makeup to look pretty. We just have to learn to accentuate our best features! This is a good everyday makeup look because it’s simple yet defined. And oh, I love the lipstick used in this! I look at the pictures and actually thought it was her natural lip color.

  3. Hi Rocel, I am so glad you enjoyed this post 🙂 and yes I truly believe in highlighting ones natural features instead of just covering up with make up.

  4. Hi Rhen. Thank you, glad you enjoyed this face wardrobe. I completely agree- one does not need to put too much make up in order to look polished! 🙂

  5. Hi Rocel, would like to know if you entered for the giveaway pls message us if so Thank you.

  6. Hi Rhen let us know if you entered for the blog giveaway as well at thank you.

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